Unfortunately Leetspeak 2020 is cancelled.

We have prolonged the decision for as long as possible, but we’ve finally reached the moment when it was time to make a hard choice. It pains us - but we have decided to cancel Leetspeak 2020.

Even if things are looking better now than a few months earlier, it is hard to say if travel and large gatherings of people will be feasible and responsible in the autumn. Organising Leetspeak takes a lot of work (and some blood, sweat and tears), so to avoid all that effort and work going to waste we have chosen to cancel.

Many other conferences have chosen to go digital, that’s great, and we love it - however, Leetspeak has always been different. Leetspeak was never just about the sessions - it was about the community. Many people coming to Leetspeak did so year after year to hang out and talk both during the conference and afterwards.

Making Leetspeak digital would never allow us the same feeling - this is why we decided to cancel. We will miss all of you - both newcomers and our Leetspeak fans. We hope that we’ll catch you somewhere else very soon.

If you want to catch up on some of the talks from previous Leetspeaks, you can find them over on our YouTube channel along with some other gems.

Stay safe and stay leet!

You can also relive the last two Leetspeaks by visiting the sites below