Leetspeak is back - and we can’t wait to see you on the 19th of October!

Stockholm 2019

Saturday 19th October in Stockholm

This year, we want to invite you to our first interactive Leetspeak where you will not only gather new knowledge by listening to our amazing speakers, but also learn and have fun by interacting with the conference environment around you.

What exactly does that mean? - Well, we don’t want to spoil all of the surprises (obviously), but let’s just say that programmable objects are just the beginning of your experience. Imagine being a part of bringing the conference to life - literally. This year we’ll look at software as the component that gives life to various objects.

Have we got your attention yet? Good! Go and get your ticket NOW!

Theme and experience

We see software almost as a soul to hardware. Software is, in most cases, what brings hardware to life. It gives the hardware a purpose, and it enables it to follow that purpose. And - as you have probably already heard before - with such great power comes great responsibility.

We want to talk about the life-giving power of software, and also make sure that we always keep in mind our responsibility as developers to craft it well - like the true craftsmen we are.

Two ticket types

This year Leetspeak aims to reach new heights and blow everyone’s minds. We also want to keep the regular ticket price exactly the same as in 2012 when first Leetspeak took place. In order to do that, we created a new ticket option where you can pitch in (if you wish) to help us pull this off even better. Supporting your community together with us is of course the most rewarding of all, but there is more to it.

The Knowledge Seeker - 200 SEK

  • Full entrance to all talks and areas of the venue
  • Giveaway
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments

The Honourable Supporter - 2000 SEK

  • Everything from The Knowledge Seeker
  • Honourable display on the stage, on the website, and in our social media
  • A surprise token of appreciation made especially to be displayed in your home
  • A gift with “Developer essentials”
  • Fast track entrance (no need to wait in line for your badge)
  • Special Honourable supporter” T-shirt
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