Saturday 13th October - Malmö Live


Leetspeak is more than a developer conference. It's a gathering for hungry developers, a place for the community to meet, interact and share knowledge. At Leetspeak we want to bring inspiring, hardcore technical content to those who need (and want) to know.
This year is the seventh annual Leetspeak conference, and on October the 13th we are back where it all began - in Malmö at Clarion Malmö Live.


Leetspeak is a conference by developers for developers. It started in 2012 by the dedicated knowledge company tretton37 with the goal to be an affordable, high-quality, community conference. Leetspeak is a way to reach out to fellow developers who want to connect and learn from others.


Tickets for Leetspeak cost 200 SEK - not much more than a nice lunch and a cup of coffee! We want to make it as accessible as possible for everyone, that’s why the tickets are sold in batches. The third batch of tickets will be released on September the 21st. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter so that you don’t miss out on the latest information.


Leetspeak is a no fuss conference. We bring 6 amazing speakers in a full-day single track event at the price of a decent dinner. Leetspeak is not only about great content it is also about great people, and you will have the chance to meet up to 500 developers that share your passion.


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Apps, Algorithms and Abstractions: Decoding our Digital World

It’s a familiar scenario… you’re on the train, your phone goes ‘ping’, you take it out of your pocket and hey — someone sent you a message! Awww... it’s a picture of a cat..

The Next 100,000 Notions of 'variable'

Perhaps you think you know what a variable is. The goal of my talk is to convince you otherwise. I claim that there is no single idea of 'variable' in computing, but rather hundreds or thousands of related notions. Countless new and useful notions of 'variable'...

Mob Programming and the Power of Flow

Five people at one computer?! How can that possibly be productive? While this seems like a reasonable question, it's not easily answered - until we begin to understand the power of flow...

Pushed to Higher Standards: Reliability and Resiliency in Application Development on AWS

We’ve all used social media, email, search engines, and more. We interact with “the Cloud” every...

Why I’m Not Leaving .NET

Over the years, many people have abandoned .NET for a variety of reasons: it’s slow, bloated, clunky, tied to Windows, Microsoft are evil… But now things have changed...

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S.O.L.I.D Principles - .NET/C#



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