Kidspeak 2016, 15th October - Malmö

Kidspeak is a "track" or a mini conference inside Leetspeak especially designed for children. It allows parents to bring their child to Leetspeak and enjoy the glorious sessions while their child is learning and in the breaks they can check up on the progress of their children. This year we aim for children between 7 and 17 with no previous experience with programming needed.

Kidspeak encourages children to get into technology at an early age. In order for each child to get proper care and mentoring we are only running a very small group of children - places are very limited.

Kidspeak is in the same venue as Leetspeak just a floor down from the main conference. Registration starts at 8:00 and the workshop starts at 9:00.

It is going to be a blast, and we look forward to seeing you there!

About Kidspeak

For this years Kidspeak we have designed custom circuit boards and a custom web interface based off of the Scratch programming language, which will allow kids to learn how to code.

We will have mentors and nannies present that will tutor and take care of children while the parents can safely sneak away to catch a session at the conference. During breaks parents can see how their kids are doing and see their progress.

In addition to the workshop we will also have a play room with games, lego and other recreational activities letting children take a break when they feel they need to.

How it Works

The custom circuit boards and a custom web interface make a huge difference from just playing around with Scratch on your computer. This will enable kids to write code which will translate into Arduino code, allowing them to control actual hardware that they can carry around in their pocket afterwards!

Each child will receive one of these custom made boards, have a chance to personalize the way it looks, and then learn how to blink RGB LEDs, handle events from buttons being pressed, play some retro sounds and control a mini LCD display.

Tickets & Registration

Kidspeak tickets are priced at 1200 SEK this covers the costs of Kidspeak which include:

Breakfast, lunch and snacks for the kids

Custom circuit board

Custom case for circuit board

Other fun electronics

Tutors and nannies

Super awesome venue with play room

Leetspeak ticket for a parent

If you already have a Leetspeak ticket you will get 200 SEK discount on your Kidspeak ticket.


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