October 17, 2016 / by Martin Mazur

Thank you for shipping Leetspeak!

It’s Monday and we are back to reality!

Thank you all for being a part of shipping the fifth Leetspeak. This years theme, “Let’s ship stuff”, was all about shipping and getting things out of the door — and in the end we shipped the biggest Leetspeak so far.

We learnt about scaling, data analysis, ASTs, IoT and so much more during one fantastic day. Today when I sit here sipping coffee from my awesome mug I feel happy we did it, yet a bit sad that it is all over.

This year we sold around 500 tickets — around 200 people stuck around for the fantastic after party and we only got 3 yellow votes for the conference — every single other vote was green. We also had 15 children coding and playing with devices during the day at Kidspeak - an initiative that was far more appreciated than we had initially anticipated!

In the end I believe it was an awesome event and several Leetspeak veterans told me that it was the best Leetspeak they have attended. Looking at the results for the speakers they also performed really well with 83% green votes, 15% yellow and only 2% red.

On twitter we hit number one in Sweden early in the morning and held that position until lunch when a political conference in Gothenburg pushed us down a bit.

It was great having you all there and I already miss you. It was great fun shipping this years Leetspeak and I am looking forward to start work on next years edition in a couple of weeks. Thank you for being part of a such a wonderful community!

Soon we will be posting pictures and videos from the conference so stay tuned.

See you all next year.


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