Leetspeak 2015 Videos

I hope you haven’t forgotten Leetspeak already, but maybe you forgot that little detail that one speaker said at some point. Or you just want to feel that nice feeling you had by experiencing it all over again.

Maybe you were just one of the people who couldn’t make it and was dearly missed by all of us there. Whatever your reason — here are the videos from this years Leetspeak.

Have a great Thursday and a fantastic weekend!

And That’s a Wrap!

Another year another Leetspeak; and it was great bringing this conference to life.

We had a really nice venue this year and great speakers with really insightful topics that left many of us inspired. The theme was “It’s Alive”, and in truth, that is exactly how it felt. The whole event was bustling with life — everything from the sessions to the conference floor. All the knowledge, the awesome Lego creations and the little museum seemed very appreciated; and I am really happy about that.

We all learnt a lot about bringing and keeping things alive and I hope you all enjoy your Estimote and use it to breath life into your environment.

I, myself, was totally beat when everything was packed and we, the crew, finally arrived at John Scott’s to decompress. In a sense I was not very alive. However it was great seeing so many people there having a great time talking and hanging out. I really enjoyed the energy in the room.

This year we closed the ticket sales at a staggering 425 tickets which makes this years Leetspeak the biggest so far. In the end we got 221 green, 24 yellow, and no red votes for the conference — which I appreciate a lot. I really hope we can do even better in the upcoming years!

On twitter we hit number one in Sweden in the morning and managed to hold on to that place for quite a while. We did this with a whooping nine hundred something tweets and that does not count re-tweets or the #1337gos hashtag.

All in all it was really nice having all of you there and it was great fun putting it all together. Thank you for being part of a wonderful community!

Soon we will be posting pictures and videos from the conference so stay tuned.

I am looking forward to doing it all over again!

See you all next year.

Ain’t Nuthin But An After Party

Of course there will be an after party — well; or at least an after pub! In order to decompress after a full day of knowledge there is nothing better than a burger and a beer.

This year we will head out to John Scott’s Kungsgatan after the last session where we will mingle and keep the discussions flowing over beer and food.

John Scott’s is located on Kungsgatan 32 less than 1 km from Berns. It’s only a refreshing 10 minute walk.

At John Scott’s we will be able to grab food in the middle bar (no not middle earth) on the second floor where you can also order the special leetburger that is nicely priced and delivered in a jiffy.

This will be the time to buy your favorit speaker or open-source representative a huge beer as a small thank you for all the hard work they are doing. So don’t count on being home early :)

And even if you couldn’t make Leetspeak you should still come and hangout at John Scott’s! The party is open to everyone so don’t be shy.

See you there!

Microsoft Loves All Your Code!

Once again Microsoft is getting involved with Leetspeak and we are truly happy to have them. They are truly supporters of knowledge sharing, conferences and community. This is a big part of Microsoft and besides running their own conference Techdays, they also support and attend other conferences, like us at Leetspeak.

You might not know that they are a huge contributor to open source projects, or perhaps that you with Windows 10 can use your knowledge from other platforms like Android and iOS development to make apps.

In short you could say that Microsoft loves all your code and we are happy to have them at Leetspeak this year again.

MOAR Tickets Available!

Yes! We managed to open up some more seats. This means we will have a third batch of tickets going out really soon. But unfortunately we won’t be able to sell all of them because some we have already given away to the community!

We wanted to gift some of the tickets to the community because Leetspeak has always been a conference by developers for developers a conference that values knowledge and the community around it. This is why we gave away a bunch of tickets to other groups that actively work to keep knowledge easily accessible. So don’t be surprised if your local user group happens to raffle away a Leetspeak ticket. These are not bootleg; they are legit Leetspeak tickets — trust me.

But if you don’t manage to get a hand on one of those community tickets then the last and final batch will be available for purchasing on the 23rd September at 13:00 CEST. Since the tickets tend to evaporate quickly we decided to do this release a bit later in the day so the night people also have a chance to snagg one. Still awesome, still only 200 SEK.

Load up your clickers — it’s now or never.


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Brace Yourself! Tickets are Coming

Brace Yourself! Tickets are Coming

Today it’s only 10 days and some hours left until the first batch of tickets for this years Leetspeak are released – and we can hardly wait!

Leetspeak has always sold out quickly but last year we sold out in record time. In order to make it as fair as possible and make sure everyone who wants a ticket has the chance to get one we will be releasing the tickets in two batches and they will be sold according to the first come first serve principal.

This means that even if you can’t make it to a connected device in time for the first release there will be a second chance coming your way and you won’t have to be “that kid”.

The first batch will be released on 25/8 at 9:00 CEST and once that batch is gone we will announce the date for the second release.

So start practicing your ticket-buying-moves and in order not to miss out keep you eyes on social media and, if you haven’t already, sign-up for our super-awesome-not-spammy mailing-list below.


Get notified by e-mail when something cool is going down like announcements of speakers, sessions or ticket releases.

Free as in Free Knowledge!

Leetspeak has always been about one thing; creating a meeting place where knowledge would be free. A place where you can learn together with like-minded individuals no matter who you are and what your background is.

In order for knowledge to be free and remain free the issue of time and money had to be taken of the table. That is why we, since day one, have run Leetspeak on a Saturday and at a very symbolic price. Our ticket price has been 200 SEK since the first conference and will remain at 200 SEK this year as well. This means that the ticket price should never exclude anyone from attending. Most of us can find an extra 200 SEK somewhere, somehow.

Running it on a Saturday is just as important — if not even more important. This means that nobody has to ask permission (except from your family) or lose income to attend Leetspeak.

With Leetspeak we want to put the power to learn in your hands. We want to create a platform where anyone can attend with their own resources and take charge of their own knowledge growth. And as the conference grows from 180 attendees the first year to 350 last year things change and new experiments are made but our core belief of free knowledge stands.

We are committed to running a very affordable conference that can be attended by anyone. That is why we keep fighting and struggling to keep our low price even though the conference is growing. We created Leetspeak out of love and passion for our craft and this is still what keeps the fire that turns our knowledge cogs burning.

Thank you for reading and I want to see YOU in October.

How to Get Yourself Here

This year Leetspeak is in Stockholm – the capital of Sweden and a fairly accessible city. Getting to Stockholm is possible in many different ways and the information is readily available. But hey! What type of friends would we be if we wouldn’t compile it all for you into one single manageable post; so here it goes!

Getting to Stockholm

You can get to Stockholm in several different ways including, but not limited to, walking backwards. But the three most prominent ways of getting there are plane, train & boat (Yes! Boat!).

By Plane (The Airports)

Stockholm has two airports Arlanda and Bromma. Arlanda is the bigger airport and considered Stockholms international airport. If you’re flying internationally this is most likely where you will end up. Bromma is the less visited airport and considered a domestic one.

Getting into the City

Once you have landed you need to get from the airport into Stockholm City. This is also fairly easy and cheap! (depending on your preference)

One of the best options is using the Airport Shuttles or Arlanda Express, it is by far the easiest and sometimes even fastest way to get into the city.

Airport Shuttles aka Flygbussarna operate from both airports — you can take the bus from either Airport to Cityterminalen. From Arlanda it is 99 SEK and from Bromma 75 SEK.

If you have ended up at Arlanda you can also take the train aka Arlanda Express it’s faster and more convenient but will cost you 280 SEK. There are however campaign tickets during weekends that give huge discounts if you travel with a friend it’s 300 SEK for two people. So if you are traveling with company Arlanda Express is a great choice.

If you want to splurge you can always get a Taxi however watch out for Stockholm rush hour — this may have you sitting around waiting while your precious money ticks away. A taxi into the city from either airport should run you between 500 SEK and 700 SEK. If you want to be certain it is not uncommon to call the Taxi company and ask what the fare will be at your given day and time of arrival. For a list of the most common taxis with phone numbers look a bit further down.

An alternative to Taxi is Über which works fine in Stockholm!

By Train

Not the most common way to travel internationally but nation wide tickets can be bought at SJ. International train tickets are probably better purchased locally. Arriving by train in Stockholm is pretty comfortable since the central station is right in the city center.

By Boat

Yeah! I’m on a boat :) — it’s completely possible to come to Stockholm by boat if you are departing from Tallin, Riga, Helsingfors, Åbo or Åland. Checkout Tallink Silja Line for more details if you want to get your inner pirat on!

Where to Stay

There are tons of Hotels in Stockholm but here is a quick pick of some close to the venue.

Berns — the hotel connected with the venue is a quite decent alas expensive alternative. A stay from Friday to Sunday will run you around 3500 SEK (Fri-Sun).

Radisson Blu Strand Hotel – another good option located 300 m from the venue. Staying Friday to Sunday should be around 4000 SEK.

Story Hotel Riddargatan – a slightly cheaper option that is also 300 m from the venue. This place should be around 3000 SEK for Friday to Sunday.

Best Western Premier Hotell Kung Carl – A decent budget option about 500 m from the venue. Friday to Sunday will be around 2300 SEK.

Old Town Lodge Hostel – An even cheaper alternative a bit further away. It’s around 900 m from the venue and costs 1200 SEK from Friday to Sunday.

Archipelago Hostel Old Town – 1 km from the venue this hostel will cost you around 1700 SEK for a weekend stay (Friday to Sunday)

Other than these there are many of hotels on booking sites and also more innovative solutions such as AirBnB

Once in Town

Getting around Stockholm is usually done by public transportation (subway). However this can sometimes be a bit tricky to figure out — especially as a non-swede.

If you want to try your luck head over to SL and check it out. You can search for Berzelii Park on their site to see how you can get to the venue. The closest station should be Kungsträdgården T-bana.

If you are too fancy to muck about with public transportation you can always grab a Taxi. The most known and certifiably legit taxi companies are:

  • Taxi Stockholm – +46 (0) 8 15 00 00
  • Taxi Kurir – +46 (0) 8 30 00 00
  • Taxi 020 – +46 (0) 20 20 20 20

An alternative to Taxi is Über which works well in Stockholm.

Other Useful Links

I want to thank Marcus Mazur for doing some of the leg work on this post and bringing me the information about transportation and accommodation. If you find this useful make sure to give him a hug and a beer.

See you all at Leetspeak :)

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This is why we started a new mailing-list for Leetspeak 2015 instead of re-using last years list. If you are on the list you will get a friendly poke about important events such as:

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Meet the Speakers

The speaker committee has been working really hard these last couple of weeks to finalize this year’s speaker lineup. There were many interesting speakers contacted and a couple even contacted the committee — even though we did not hold an open CFP.

When we launched the site we announced our first three speakers — Karoline Klever, Balázs Suhajda, and Scott Wlaschin.

Karoline is a passionate .NET developer that loves to continuously challenge herself both when it comes to software and sharing knowledge.

Balázs, even though he works with interface development by day, loves the blinky-lights and buttons by night. Not only that but he labels himself as an eco-conscious life-long-learner which I am sure will contribute to extremely interesting content.

Scott has over 20 years of experience in software development and a huge passion for F#. Not only has he created fsharpforfunandprofit.com but he is also a very active and well-known speaker in the F# community.

So what are we adding today?

Well, we wanted some more hardware, more IoT more things that are alive! We are really excited to bring Clemens Vasters, David Fowler, Anders Søborg, and Lars Jeppesen into the mix.

Clemens focuses on the Internet of Things, Smart Products, and digitally enhanced infrastructures in our daily lives. He is probably most known for his role as a lead architect of the Azure IoT Services and Service Bus Messaging at Microsoft.

David, also from Microsoft, works on the ASP.NET team and is known for things such as Azure deployments (kudu), NuGet and SignalR.

Anders Søborg & Lars Jeppesen are the authors of Monobrick, a .NET firmware replacement for the Lego Mindstorm EV3 – they are both senior developers and work with C#, C++ and embedded systems in their day-to-day lives.

I want to thank Andreas, Emy, Justin, Madeleine and Michał for excellent work on wrangling this lineup. They have done a fantastic job in getting relevant, high quality speakers that will give us the advanced content that Leetspeak is all about.

I have seen the abstracts for the sessions and it’s going to be fantastic! I’m looking forward to sharing them with you shortly.

Until then — stay tuned! And if you would like to get information about abstracts and tickets from us via e-mail, sign-up below!


Get notified by e-mail when something cool is going down like announcements of speakers, sessions or ticket releases.

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