Another year another Leetspeak; and it was great bringing this conference to life.

We had a really nice venue this year and great speakers with really insightful topics that left many of us inspired. The theme was “It’s Alive”, and in truth, that is exactly how it felt. The whole event was bustling with life — everything from the sessions to the conference floor. All the knowledge, the awesome Lego creations and the little museum seemed very appreciated; and I am really happy about that.

We all learnt a lot about bringing and keeping things alive and I hope you all enjoy your Estimote and use it to breath life into your environment.

I, myself, was totally beat when everything was packed and we, the crew, finally arrived at John Scott’s to decompress. In a sense I was not very alive. However it was great seeing so many people there having a great time talking and hanging out. I really enjoyed the energy in the room.

This year we closed the ticket sales at a staggering 425 tickets which makes this years Leetspeak the biggest so far. In the end we got 221 green, 24 yellow, and no red votes for the conference — which I appreciate a lot. I really hope we can do even better in the upcoming years!

On twitter we hit number one in Sweden in the morning and managed to hold on to that place for quite a while. We did this with a whooping nine hundred something tweets and that does not count re-tweets or the #1337gos hashtag.

All in all it was really nice having all of you there and it was great fun putting it all together. Thank you for being part of a wonderful community!

Soon we will be posting pictures and videos from the conference so stay tuned.

I am looking forward to doing it all over again!

See you all next year.