Of course there will be an after party — well; or at least an after pub! In order to decompress after a full day of knowledge there is nothing better than a burger and a beer.

This year we will head out to John Scott’s Kungsgatan after the last session where we will mingle and keep the discussions flowing over beer and food.

John Scott’s is located on Kungsgatan 32 less than 1 km from Berns. It’s only a refreshing 10 minute walk.

At John Scott’s we will be able to grab food in the middle bar (no not middle earth) on the second floor where you can also order the special leetburger that is nicely priced and delivered in a jiffy.

This will be the time to buy your favorit speaker or open-source representative a huge beer as a small thank you for all the hard work they are doing. So don’t count on being home early :)

And even if you couldn’t make Leetspeak you should still come and hangout at John Scott’s! The party is open to everyone so don’t be shy.

See you there!