• Leetspeak 2016

    October 15th - Malmö Live - Let's Ship Stuff!

  • Let's Ship Stuff!

    No jargon, no buzzwords - only usefull skills

Leetspeak 2016, 15th October - Malmö

Leetspeak is more than a developer conference. It's a gathering for hungry developers, a place for the community to meet and interact. At Leetspeak we want to bring inspiring, hardcore technical content to those who need (and want) to know.

This year is the fifth annual Leetspeak conference and on October the 15th it's back in Malmö where it all started!

About Leetspeak

Leetspeak is a conference by developers for developers. It was started in 2012 by the dedicated knowledge company tretton37 with the goal to be an affordable, high-quality, community conference. Leetspeak is a way to reach out to fellow developers who want to connect and learn from others.

Tickets & Registration

All batchets of tickets for Leetspeak 2016 are currently sold out. Signup for the waiting list and we’ll stay in touch if tickets become available. Kidspeak tickets are still available and can be found here.

What to Expect

Leetspeak is a no fuss conference. We bring 6 amazing speakers in a full-day single track event at the price of a decent dinner. But Leetspeak is not only about great content it is also about great people. You will have the chance to meet 400+ developers that share your passion.

Let's Ship Stuff!

We as developers can sometimes get caught up in the future and forget what is here and now. This years Leetspeak is about getting things done and out the door with tools and practices that are available, useful and real!

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All batches of tickets are sold out. Signup for the waiting list and we'll stay in touch if tickets become available! Kidspeak tickets are still available and can be found here.


October 17, 2016

Thank you for shipping Leetspeak!

Thank you all for being a part of shipping the fifth Leetspeak. This years theme, "Let's ship stuff", was all about shipping and getting things out of the door — and in the end we shipped the biggest Leetspeak so far.

October 13, 2016

Let's All Behave

Leetspeak is a place to come, learn and share knowledge for everyone. We want to provide a harassment free conference experience. That is why we do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form.

October 07, 2016

Microsoft always supporting knowledge sharing

Microsoft has been a partner of Leetspeak for many years! They are a true supporters of knowledge sharing, community and conferences. So once again we are happy to have Microsoft as a partner of Leetspeak.



Evelina Gabasova

Cambridge University

Evelina is a machine learning researcher working in bioinformatics, trying to reverse-engineer cancer at MRC Cancer Unit in Cambridge. She did her mathematics PhD at the University of Cambridge, where she worked on clustering models for complex biomedical datasets. Outside of academia, Evelina is a Microsoft MVP and speaks at developer conferences and user groups about F# and data science. She writes a blog at evelinag.com.

Jon Skeet


Jon Skeet is a software engineer working in Google's London office, making Google Cloud Platform a wonderful experience for C# developers. 

He is best known as the top contributor to Stack Overflow, particularly on C# and Java questions, and also for his book "C# in Depth". C# is his favourite language, and he is the convenor of the ECMA technical group standardizing the language. Beyond language nerdery, Jon loves the crazy world of dates and times, and is the primary contributor on the Noda Time project, an alternative date and time API for .NET. 

Jon lives in Reading (UK) with his amazing wife and three kids.

Karl-Henrik Nilsson


Karl-Henrik is an experienced developer and Microsoft .NET MVP that have written code for anything from cellular network base stations to websites. He is a passionate software developer at tretton37 and spends a somewhat obsessive amount of his free time building smarter devices.

"If you ever need to see a man about building a smarter toaster - I'm that guy"

Robby Nevels


Robby is a frontend software engineer at Facebook. He works on building web interfaces that scale to millions of people, which also manage to survive hundreds of contributors. He is interested in all forms of automation to improve development processes, from scripts that do repetitive tasks, to robots that make coffee. He’s also passionate about education and helps teach math, electronics, and programming to people of all ages at hackerspaces in San Francisco.

Roger Johansson


Roger has been programming since 1986 and now works as a coding architect and mentor at Betsson in Sweden.

He has a deep passion for open source and have been leading various open source software since the early days of .NET. 

His interest in open source and distributed computing also led him to create the OSS project Akka.NET, a community port of the popular JVM actor framework Akka.

Yan Cui


Yan is a Server Architect at Yubl, and a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally. He keeps an active blog at theburningmonk.com and is a co-author of "F# Deep Dives".


08:00-09:00 – Breakfast & Registration

Enjoy a strengthening meal to prepare for a full day of learning. Grab some coffee and mingle with fellow knowledge aficionados. Enjoy!

09:00-09:15 – Keynote

Kicking off the day with a short introduction and keynote before the session starts.

09:15-10:15 - Jon Skeet

The changing state of immutability in C#

10:30-11:30 - Robby Nevels

Metaprogramming with AST transforms for every day use

11:30-12:30 – Lunch

Om nom nom nom. Food to keep us going.

12:30-13:30 - Karl-Henrik Nilsson

The internet of (less) useless things

13:45-14:45 - Roger Johansson

Scaling Betsson

14:45-15:30 – Panic Food

Panic food to keep us going

15:30-16:30 - Evelina Gabasova

Exploring StackOverflow data

16:45-17:45 - Yan Cui

Building reactive systems with AWS Lambda

17:45-18:00 – Wrap up

A short, but sweet, wrap up!


Exploring StackOverflow data

Evelina Gabasova

When you’re stuck while programming - who you gonna call? StackOverflow! It’s an invaluable source of daily help to many. Interestingly, you can also download the entire data dump of StackOverflow and let machine learning loose on the dataset. In the talk I’ll look at what we can learn from the crowdsourced knowledge of developers worldwide. Meanwhile, you will also learn about ideas behind some machine learning algorithms that can give us insights into complex data. I will use a combination of statistical computing language R with functional language F# to show how you can easily access and process large-scale data the functional way.

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The changing state of immutability in C#

Jon Skeet

Immutability rocks, right? When a type is immutable, it's usually easier to reason about your code, easier to share data safely, and easier to make money ooze from every USB port. That's the promise, at least. I heard an F# developer say it, so it must be true.

Unfortunately, when a language or platform isn't designed to encourage immutability, immutability can introduce its own pain points - and sometimes they can be subtle. How can we get the best of immutability without adding friction everywhere?

Come with me on a journey of exploring different options for implementing immutability in C#, see how it's become somewhat simpler over the various versions, and consider what the future might have in store.

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The internet of (less) useless things

Karl-Henrik Nilsson

Getting frustrated from not being able to access your IoT systems? Hate loosing data because the internet connection or cloud service went down? IoT devices have few problems but with the same old ideas that we use for software design things can get a lot better! We all know that loose coupling is necessary to create a well-defined application! Yet many IoT devices rely on tight coupling to their field gateway or cloud services to operate at full capacity. Join Karl-Henrik Nilsson! Learn how to implement sound development strategies and loose coupling for IoT devices using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Windows 10 IoT Core and Micro-controllers!

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Metaprogramming with AST transforms for every day use

Robby Nevels

Have you ever considered making a major change to an API or framework, but balked because you don’t have the time or resources to change all the callsites? While working in a big codebase, have you ever found yourself surrounded by anti-patterns without any time to clean them up? Have you ever wished that you could quickly update all the files in your project to use shiny new language features?

In the Javascript codebase at Facebook, we’re solving these problems by using tools to parse, traverse, and replace code using abstract syntax trees (ASTs). In this talk, I’ll show how these tools can be useful for every day development. I’ll also share examples of AST transforms that we’ve built for some of our open-source projects, a few of which were run across tens of thousands of files in our codebase.

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Scaling Betsson

Roger Johansson

Scalable and highly available systems have traditionally been built on platforms such as the JVM and Erlang. .NET have mostly been targeting web portals and BLOBA - Boring Line of Business Applications.

Now with the introduction of cross platform .NET and Docker, this is about to change!

By using Docker and the ecosystem around it, we can now manage and deploy .NET micro services in a cluster environment. This allows us to leverage concepts such as service discovery, service health checks, canary deployment and high availability.

Come see how you can live deploy .NET micro services with zero(ish) downtime!

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Building reactive systems with AWS Lambda

Yan Cui

Lambda is the next stage in the evolution of the AWS platform. It allows you to build reactive, event-driven systems that are easy to deploy, update and scale. Amazon manages all the undifferentiated heavy-lifting for you so you can focus on delivering value to your customers with even greater speed and cost efficiency.

Join Yan in this talk as we take a deep dive through AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework.

We'll see how to start building reactive systems using AWS Lambda, Kinesis and API Gateway, without having to manage any servers. And, you only pay for your services when they are used. We'll discuss lessons learned, best practices and current limitations with AWS Lambda.

We'll also get to know the Serverless framework, which helps automate both deployment and versioning so that you can better focus on the things that matter to your customers.

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What are people saying

Back home from Stockholm. Fabulous weekend at #leetspeak

- Clemens Vasters, Speaker Leetspeak 2015

Home after a great couple of days in Stockholm. Thank you @tretton37 for an awesome conference, I'm proud of being part of it!

- Karoline Klever, Speaker Leetspeak 2015

Really enjoyed the conference. It's great to put faces to names. And the discussions! wow :) #leetspeak Thx @tretton37 for the awesomeness!

- Henrik Feldt, Attendee Leetspeak 2015

All the good things come to an end, and so is #leetspeak Amazing people, amazing time. See you next year.

- Ali Kheyrollahi, Attendee Leetspeak 2015

A huge thank you to @tretton37 for another fabulous #leetspeak! Looking forward to next year. :-)

- Caroline Millgårdh, Attendee Leetspeak 2015

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