Tickets! Fair and Square

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Tickets go out on Monday 11/8, which is awesome! Many people have been looking forward to it and booked the date in theire calendar. Historically Leetspeak tickets have gone fast – one day they are out and then they are gone.

unnamedBut what if….what if you are stuck in a bungalow in the middle of nowhere and have no WiFi! Does that mean all is lost, you won’t get your ticket and all your friends will make fun of you!

Take it easy. In order to make sure everyone who has an eager want to go get a chance buy a ticket we will be releasing tickets in two batches. That’s right TWO batches. The first one is now on Monday the 11/8 and the second one will be announced once we sold out the first batch.

If you miss the first release for any reason! Don’t panic, stay in touch and there will be a second batch of tickets coming your way.

See you at Leetspeak! Over and out!

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