Better, More Fun and Still Only 200 SEK

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When we started Leetspeak in 2012 we had a vision of creating a conference where knowledge would be free, a place where you could go, learn and interact with others that shared your passion.

In order to cater to this vision we made two important choices, first of we put the conference on a Saturday and secondly we decided to make it free…  well almost. We decided to take a nominal fee of 200SEK, just enough to create a threshold for people to think twice before registering but not so high that it would leave a hole in your wallet.


The first year we ran the conference in Malmö at Sankt Gertrud Konferens with about 180 attendees. In 2013 we decided to raise the bar and run it in Stockholm at Waterfront Conference Centre where we hade a whooping 250 passionate developers attend. This year, by community request, we are heading to Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg and making it even more awesome.

We want to constantly improve the quality of the conference and we work on making it more exclusive, fun and valuable for everyone who attends. We try to push the envelope and give more without raising costs, to you, the attendees. We created Leetspeak out of love and passion for our craft and even if many things have changed we have fought like hell to keep our ridiculously low price – it’s still only 200SEK – the same as 4 good take-away coffees – and that is something I’m personally very proud of.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in Gothenburg!

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  • Tobias Zimmergren -

    August 5, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Glad to see Leetspeak back for another year. Keep up the awesome work guys!